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Paint Correction

Please note paint correction services require inspection before quotations and services can be carried out.
This service may not be possible if scratches are too deep or there is excessive damage to the paintwork.

Paint correction is exactly what it comes across as, its a correction process for the exterior paint on the vehicle.

This is acheived by using an electric powered hand held machine such as a Dual Action or Rotary polisher.

These machines are then set up using different compound polishes and pads to produce the correct heat and micro cutting to remove scratches and swirls from the clear coat.

Each of these machines can achieve different finishes of the paint correction process.

This is a great way to prepare paintwork for ceramic coating or adding on to a Full Valet to receive even higher gloss finishes.
from £40+
Single stage polish 
from £100+
2 stage
from £250+
3 stage
from £450+
Vehicle to be inspected before full quote, unless seen before
Paint correction is not available for Matte paint or wrap
For an understanding through images on what paint correction can establish, click through the before and afters below