New Car Protection

This option is for new cars only with less than 1000 miles or 1 month old

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New Car Protection

The new car protection option offers a full protection package for new cars, exterior and interior, including a full set of wheeluv rim protectors fitted in a colour of your choice (from colours available) ceramic coating applied to exterior  paint, glass and wheels, also fabric and leather sealants applied to the interior.

This package consists of a full ceramic coating package, interior coating package and wheeluv rim protectors at discounted rates all in one package

Exterior includes:
  • Alloy wheels washed including Iron fallout (including alloy wheel barrel)
  • Tyre walls washed & degreased 
  • Wheel arches washed & flushed
  • Ph neutral Snow foam pre wash
  • Exterior crevices, grilles, badges, window trims/channels cleaned with soft detailing brushes.
  • Two Bucket, double microfibre mitt, Ph neutral carnuaba wax shampoo, safe contact wash
  • Power rinse with wet coat
  • Microfibre towel dry (including door shuts)
  • Glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
Interior includes:
  • Thorough Vacuum (including boot)
  • Plastic trim cleaned & dressed
  • Glass cleaned
  • Leather/fabric cleaned
Finalised with:
  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork, glass and wheel faces
  • Sealants applied to fabric and leather interior
Add a set of wheeluv rim protectors saving £50