What days and times are you open?
I currently offer this service as a second job, if I am unavailable through the week due to my other job, I will in-defiantly offer availability in the first possible weekend (Saturday's Only)
In summer time with longer days I can also offer services in the evenings while daylight is available, in winter, evenings will not be available.
Do you need access to power and water?
If I come to you, I do currently require access to connect a water hose and electric extension lead when and where possible, I am currently not yet fully mobile. with water tank and generator. However, if you are local you can always drop the vehicle to me if preferred.
What areas do you cover?
I currently, mainly cover Towcester and surrounding Villages/Towns.
What products do you use?
The products I use are professional detailing products, not cheap industrial ones full of unnecessary chemicals that you would find at your local car wash in the supermarket car park.
After many years of purchasing different brands of products and having been tested thoroughly by myself on a range of vehicles and paint types, I have settled on a handful that I believe to be the best around, ensuring that you have the best results for the service you require. Please note, times change and so do products so I am always still seeking to find what I believe to be the best.
How long does each service take to carry out?
[please note all times are approximate]
Exterior Valet: 45+ mins
Mini Valet: 2+ Hours

Full Valet: 3+ Hours
Protection Valet: 4+ Hours
Maintenance Valet: 1.5+ Hours
Interior Detail: 4+ Hours
Enhancement Detail: 4.5+ Hours

Minor Correction Detail: 2 Days
Major Correction Detail:
Ceramic Coating
Paint Ceramic: 2+ Hours
Wheel Face Ceramic: 45+ Mins

Glass Ceramic: 1+ Hours
Interior/Convertible Roof Ceramic: 1+ Hours
What methods of payments are accepted?
Cash accepted
Most major cards accepted
Bank transfer accepted.

Cheques are not accepted.
Can I cancel my appointment, do I get charge?
There are no charges for cancelations and you can cancel anytime before your appointment.
However I do ask out of courtesy you give me notice at least the day before the appointment.
Do you take photos of my vehicle?
I do, I take photos of the vehicles for personal advertising reasons on social media etc.
However, for photos taken all registrations are covered over with my personal AD-Detailing number plates for security reasons, unless stated as no concern from the customer.
If you wish photos are not taken or uploaded at all, please state at contacting stage.
All images on website are of customers vehicles and I have asked permission to do so.