Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is an ultra durable semi bond created between the formula and the vehicles paintwork, i offer multiple different versions of ceramic coating.
(Must be applied to new or nearly new/corrected paintwork)

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that can be applied to the exterior paint, alloy wheels, glass or metals.

The coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the paint or surface it is applied to, creating an enhanced added layer of protection.

This coating is perfect for alloy wheels helping prevent any contamination jumping up from the road surface, helps prevent brake dust sticking and also makes the alloy easier to clean, time and time again.

When a special glass formula of ceramic coating is applied, to a windscreen for example, or any other glass on the vehicle it forms this bond again providing enhanced visibility while driving.
Vehicle to be inspected before full quote, unless seen before
Ceramic coating is not available for Matte paint or wrap
Ceramic Coating Options
ceramic coated alloy wheels

Easy cleaning and ultimate protection - no iron remover used an acid free/safe wheel cleaner to agitate the dirt.

Watch the video for an Example